Sunday, January 01, 2006

January 1st, 2006
Swedish Dinner party etiquette

What I think:

I went to a New Year's Eve party last night at my friend Johnny's place, and I remembered a Swedish custom that I find odd. When you go out for a meal, or attend a dinner party, you're supposed to stand behind the chair that you choose to sit on.

You're supposed to just stand there holding the back of the chair until everyone's present, and ready to be seated. You can stand there quite a while if half the people need to use the toilet. I'm not exactly sure of why you're supposed to do this. Perhaps it's just to make sure that nobody objects to where you're sitting.

Another thing I noticed is that when a Swede wants to compliment the chef on the food, they say "That was good", even while they're still eating it.

I find that a bit strange, and it's time that
the Swedish government did something about it. That's what I think.

The news today (oh, boy)
From the world outside:

UK: More Powers For Police: All offences will be considered arrestable from today, under new laws that dramatically boost police powers. Until now, police have only been able to make an arrest if they suspected someone of an offence that carried a possible jail sentence of at least five years. Suspects can now be taken into custody for offences including impersonating a police officer, failing to stop a vehicle when ordered to do so, failing to hand over a passport to a court and unauthorised access or modification of computer material. From Sky News

US: From New Orleans: 'Thank God it's over': Ringing out one of the worst years in its colorful history, New Orleans put on a rollicking New Year's Eve of memorials and merrymaking, from a traditional jazz funeral procession in honor of hurricane victims to an after-dark party. From CNN

Sweden: Swedish lawyers fear new DNA law: The Swedish Bar Association, which represents Swedish lawyers, has criticised the new law on DNA samples in criminal investigations, which will come into force on Sunday.The law will allow police to demand samples not only from crime suspects but also from victims and plaintiffs. But the association says that is an encroachment on personal integrity. From The Local - Sweden's news in English


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'That was good'
Quite logical explanation for this Mark. Food that has just been consumed 'was' good. No guarantee that the rest of the meal will be!

5:24 pm  

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