Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday, January 8th, 2006:
Live music in Helsingborg: not much here...

What I think:

The only real place to watch live music in Helsingborg is at The Tivoli. It's not a large venue, but it's quite nice. Don't expect to see U2 or Bowie here, but there are, occasionally, some suprisingly cool little treasures turning up. I saw drummer Marky Ramone here (the only surviving member of The Ramones). He was backed by a Russian punk band (note: this was NOT Mumiy Troll!). They did a great job, by the way. And the relatively small size of the venue gave the gig a very cozy up-close-and-personal intimacy. Do check to see if there's anything worth watching if you come to town.

There are a few pubs that feature some cover bands - or Dixieland jazz (Charles Dickens features both of these regularly). I've also seen some little jazz and blues combos at The Telegrafen.

I'm sure that there are some other little places that have some live music, but there simply isn't enough here for Helsingborg to compete as a live music city.

It's time that the Swedish government did something about it. That's what I think.

The news today (oh, boy)
From the world outside:

UK: Kennedy resigns
· Lib Dem leader bows to inevitable and says 'I put the party first'
· Support grows for Menzies Campbell
Charles Kennedy - in a public act of surrender marked by the grace and humour that have made him one of the most popular British politicians of his generation - bowed yesterday to an open rebellion by his MPs and resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrats. Within hours, momentum was building solidly behind his deputy, Sir Menzies Campbell, as successor, with at least six fellow frontbenchers publicly declaring for him and calls for him to be crowned without opposition.
From The Observer (Guardian Unlimited)

US: Miner returns to West Virginia - Doctor: Improvement warrants moving survivor closer to home: The sole survivor of a West Virginia mine explosion was dramatically improving Saturday as he struggled to fend off the carbon monoxide poisoning that killed his co-workers, a doctor said. Meanwhile, doctors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, said McCloy, 26, was transferred Saturday night to the West Virginia hospital where he was originally treated so he can be closer to his family.
From CNN

Canada: Product labels boost complaints to Quebec's French-language watchdog: Quebecers are increasingly concerned about the status of the French language, complaints to the provincial government's language agency indicate. The Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF), which enforces Quebec's language laws, received a record 4,014 complaints in 2004-05, up from 2,591 in 2003-04.
From CBC

Sweden: Police lies jail innocent people - justice chief: Sweden's Chancellor of Justice has claimed that innocent people are in prison because the police lie and the courts are in too much of a hurry. The stinging criticism of the country's justice system was delivered by Göran Lambertz on the Saturday interview programme on Swedish Radio. "The courts don't always place such demands on evidence as they are supposed to," said Lambertz. According to the Chancellor of Justice, police investigations are often one-way - in other words, based on the assumption that the suspect is guilty.


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