Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday morning, February 24th, 2006:
Culinary quirks in Sweden
Part Two: Morning Bread Rolls

What I think:

Taking a morning break at work, and watching the ritual of people in the office for their morning coffe and bread rolls. These are actually half-rolls, with a choice of white or whole wheat, with or without different kinds of seeds on them or with that baked on cheese, top half or bottom half.

For the "filling" (and I put the word in quotation marks because it's actually more of a "topping", but one usually says "filling" when talking about sandwiches of any sort), you've got a choice of cheese, ham, processed turkey slice, or some kind of salami.

Then there's a small bowl of sliced cucumber from which you can take a couple of slices to put on your roll. But there's also a little bowl of strawberry jam that some people put on their cheese rolls. I found this quite odd at first, but it doesn't taste bad, actually.

The "open-top" sandwich is a pretty common thing here, and it's not something I enjoy or approve of. And I bet the Earl of Sandwich is doing triple-inverted back-flips in his grave. I believe that a sandwich (and especially a bread roll) must have both a top and a bottom half. You need the upper part to hold onto and keep the filling in place.

People here look silly clutching the sides of their half-rolls, and making sure to bite through their "topping" very carefully (while holding onto the cucumber slices with one finger) to ensure that the whole thing doesn't slide off and slap them in the chin.

Swedes must learn that a proper sandwich consists of two parts bread, and however many parts of FILLING is desired. It's the right thing to do, and it's time that the Swedish government did something about it. That's what I think.


Blogger Mark Wilk Moloney said...

Strange sandwich topping combinations Swedish people eat in front of my eyes:
Bread with cheese and marmalade.

I can't bring myself to try that.

Sandwich toppings I eat in turn that Swedish people consider strange:
Bread with cheese and smörgåsgurka (pickled cucumber).

That makes their eyes water.

1:49 pm  

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