Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday, May 19th, 2006:
Quick Swedish lesson

Further to last night's entry, I just remembered that when I started learning Swedish, I had come up with a phrase that sounded kind of funny (to me anyway).

The Swedish for "Where was our spring?" is actually "Var var vår vår?"

"Where" and "was" are both "var", and
"our" and "spring" are both "vår" (roughly pronounced "vor").

Just had to share.

Here endeth the lesson.


Blogger Cooth said...

So, the Swedish Chef really IS speaking Swedish!

2:53 pm  
Blogger Mark Base said...

You want to hear someone say seven thousand, seven hundred and seventy-seven in Swedish.

3:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is cool! More lessons in the future please!

3:58 pm  
Blogger Tug said...

If I only have to learn 2 words (or so), Swedish ROCKS. Course people trying to understand me would be fun. So what's the seven thousand, seven hundred and seventy-seven in Swedish??

4:06 pm  
Blogger Mark Base said...

It's not pronounced how it's spelled; you have to make odd breathing out sounds with your mouth that we English speakers simply aren't used to. The closest I can describe it is that it's a bit like a "whew" sound but not really.
Took me over three years to get it right (although I didn't exactly practice much).
Anyway, it's sju tusen, sju hundra sjutti-sju.

4:47 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Here in Southern Cali, the only language you need is smattering of English,and primarily Spanish. Heck even at the local Blockbuster, everything is labeled in Spanish.

6:46 pm  
Blogger Tug said...

that's about anywhere U.S. anymore. Hell, I'm thrown off when I get an automated answer on the phone & it doesn't start with "for English, press 1". pathetic. I'm going to practice my odd breathing out sounds now. whew.

9:17 pm  
Blogger Mark Base said...

"I laughed and laughed until I cried and cried"...The Stranglers

You're a tug and a half, you are.

11:00 pm  
Blogger m said...

ha! I still remember when I came up with that sentence myself! ;-)
I put your link on my brand-spanking-new blog, hope that's fine with you.

6:46 pm  
Blogger m said...

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6:48 pm  
Blogger Clarissa said...

The Swedes must love you!

8:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scandinavian countries are all the rage right now. There's a finnish folk song that's been turned into a meme that's everywhere.

11:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

-Far, får får får?
-Nej, Får får inte får, får får lamm.

På tallrik man äter efterrätt,
men om man tänker efter rätt,
tallrik man kallar den skog
som talrik är på tallar.

Yeah :)

3:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming by my site, and for your delightful one. Enjoyed it a lot. Go English!



3:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't swedish a lovely language? LOL

11:38 pm  
Blogger scn4 said...

Try saying this three times fast: Sju tusen, sju hundra sjutti-sju sjösjuka sjömän på skeppet Shanghai.

6:20 am  
Blogger Mark Base said...

I always have trouble with that Shanghai bit.

8:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

say this fast:

sex laxar i en laxask


smält och avsvalnat smör


sex vaskade laxar i en vaxad laxask

1:03 pm  
Blogger Mark Base said...

More interesting facts for you non-Swedes: "Sex" and "six" are the same word in Swedish, which is the source for untold amounts of high-jinx.

Also worth noting: "Married" and "poison" are the same word as well. Strangely, the word is for both is "gift".

2:09 pm  
Blogger Tug said...

wow. So six is my fave........number. but it could lead to poison...wrapped in a pretty bow. Funny thing is, in Tug-speak, married & poison mean the same thing too. It was NOT a gift. whew. (she said as she breathed out oddly yet again)

5:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hejhej, hah.. very good ;)
var var vår vår :D

hej då

3:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're invited. Please see my latest post and all the comments. :)

I need to know the Swedish word for: blessings.

5:18 pm  
Blogger Mark Base said...

Swedish for 'blessings' would be 'välsignelser' (sing. 'välsignelse') - only we don't use it the same way, in Sweden it's strictly religious. /Marks GF

11:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

vart tog vägen vägen?
jag åker på en åker

Nu har det rått rått väder ett tag, men nu har det blitt blitt, sådana dagar kan man inte kalla kalla utan dom får heta heta..

there are some examples on words that is the same..

6:43 pm  

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