Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008:
Pools of sorrow, waves of joy in Helsingborg

What I think:

Firstly, it's with a heavy heart that I update you about John Aherne, the Irish tourist who went missing in Stockholm last Saturday night. 
John is still missing, and the Stockholm police revealed on Friday their fear that he may have drowned in a nearby harbour. 

The Local (Sweden's news in English), wrote: 
"Police conducted a dive in the Norra Hammarby area Södermalm in south-central Stockholm on Thursday and confirmed that something, as yet unidentified, has been found."

Today, police conducted another dive - for five hours - which, sadly, proved inconclusive. A further dive is due to take place on Tuesday. Another long, worrisome wait.

Police intend to contact the coastguard, and make use of their Remote Operated Vehicle to help with the search.

Family and friends are praying that police fears are unfounded, and that John is safe somewhere else. 

And the online discussion forum on The Local, on which John's mate Karl is a regular, has been host to a number of John's friends from his home town of Wicklow. Many people are stopping by to express their worries and frustrations, but also their gratitude for the positive thoughts and prayers that the regulars are maintaining for John's safe return. Do have a look ->.

Here's John:
We want him to be found, alive and well. 

My thoughts remain with John's family, with Karl, and with the many Irish visitors to The Local's forum.

About last night:

After this past week of worry, I decided to go out with my girlfriend to let off some steam. Turns out it was a very good idea. We ended up going to The Tivoli to see T.V. Smith, a punk legend who was with the band The Adverts in the late-Seventies. This was easily the best show I'd ever seen at The Tivoli.

It was held in the tiny "Backstage Bar", which is a very cosy, intimate venue. T.V. chatted to people before and after his performance, and was more than happy to sign copies of his CDs and books.

Here's T.V. in action 
(skinny bugger, isn't he?):
The performance itself was very cool. So much power and energy, both in his vocals and in his lyrics. His delivery, and his intelligent banter between songs, had the audience absolutely captivated.  

I've now got another claim to fame (to go with my "I had a beer with Marilyn Manson in Montreal - and didn't even know who he was" one): I had some beers with T.V. Smith of The Adverts, and I also bought him a couple, thus allowing me a discount on a CD. And we chatted like old mates for ages. 

T.V. Smith (formerly of The Adverts) and 
Mark Base (of CSI: Helsingborg and Suckerbucket)
reunite after more than 43 years.
Check out T.V. Smith's MySpace page.

Why do so few artists like T.V. Smith come to Helsingborg? It's time that the Swedish government did something about it. That's what I think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I 2 was there and i must agree 2tally, something must be done by the gov.
We cannot rely on personal initatives like the one Björn did on this lovelly occasion!

9:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Show
Thank you :)

4:56 am  

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